Mussels in a white win and garlic sauce£5.75
Home made soup served with a roll£3.95
The following started are served with a side salad and mini-dips. Extra dips for £0.74 each
Chicken nuggets£4.50
Breaded mushrooms£4.50
Vegetable pakora£4.50
Spicy chicken dippers£4.50

Main Courses

Chicken curry served with boiled rice and/or chips£8.95
¼ pound cheese burger served with chips and salad£9.50
Veggie burger served with chips and salad£9.50
Chicken burger served with chips and salad£8.50
Breaded or battered haddock served with chips (or potatoes) and salad (or vegetables)£9.50
Roast ¼ chicken served with chips and salad£8.50
Scampi and chips with side salad£8.50
Tuna pasta served with cheese, peppers, onions and sweetcorn (mayonnaise optional)£7.95
Sirloin steak served with vegetables, onion rings, chips or potatoes£14.95
Mussels in a white wine and garlic sauce£9.50
Haggis, neeps and tatties£8.50
Baked potato served with side salad. Fillings include: cheese & onion £5.25; Cheese & pickle £5.25; Cheese & tuna £5.75; Cheese & beans £5.50; Cheese & coleslaw £5.25; Cheese & sweetcorn £5.25; Curry £5.50From
Chicken salad£7.50
Scampi salad£7.50
Fish (Haddock) salad£7.95

Egg salad£6.95
Cold meat salad£6.95

Lite Bites

Plain burger£4.95
Cheese burger£5.00
Cheese burger and salad£5.50
Portion of chipssmall £2.95

large £3.50
Chips and cheesesmall £3.95

large £4.50
Small side salad £2.95
Hot roles (choose from bacon, sausage, scrambled egg, black pudding or haggis) £2.80
Treble-layered toastiest or sandwiches (choose from cheese & onion, cheese & pickle, cheese & tomato, ham & tomato, ham & onion or cheese & coleslaw) £5.50
The following lite bites are served with a mix of peppers, onions and mini-dips. Extra dips £0.75 each.
Onion Rings £3.50
Potato wedges £4.95
Spicy Chicken £4.95
Vegetable pakora £4.95
Chicken nuggets £4.95
Scampi £4.95


Hot chocolate fudge cakeIce-cream or cream 50p extra £4.50
Hot stick coffee puddingIce-cream or cream 50p extra £4.50
Banana boat (ice-cream included)£3.50
Ice-cream sundaeCream 50p extra £3.50


Cappuccino (with milk)£2.50
Hot chocolate (with milk)£2.50
Glass of milk£1.00
Full range of soft and alcoholic beverages are available at the bar.

The Micro Brewery: Lola Rose Ales - Beer with Altitude

The micro brewery is still in its infancy, but results so far have been encouraging and well received. And originating in the highest pub in Scotland, you can expect nothing less. Come and fly our high altitude ales.